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The first and most advance end-to-end innovation management and Strategic Future Foresight Platform

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How your organization drives productivity and growth !

stay proactive and more agile, by making innovation a work culture.

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Organize your future with Robotic Process Automation

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Nintex makes it fast and easy to manage, automate, and optimize your business processes

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Future foresight and collaborative Innovation management platform

ISTSHRAF provide an end-2-end future foresight and collaborative innovation management process from environmental scanning to innovation portfolio management and creating future scenarios to help organizations achieve structured innovation management and sustainable strategy development.

ISTESHRAF platform combines future foresight, strategy and innovation on a web-based suite. Strategic Innovation and Agile Strategy is the advantage of linking trend management, future challenge management, idea management and strategic foresight. All innovation and future foresight management activities are connected to the ISTESHRAF platform that serves as centric knowledge hub and cross-sectoral product.

With ISTESHRAF you will

Find Trends/insights that inspire innovation

Enable people to signal and make sense of relevant information Monitor technologies and trends from the front row.

Contextual Intelligence and Decision-Graphing

Nintex / K2 Product

improve the way people work with process management and automation software solutions that are both powerful and easy to use. With clicks not code, you can quickly turn manual, paper-based and repetitive work into digital forms, workflows, and more.

Workflow solutions that work in your industry and department

With Nintex, it’s never been quicker or easier to manage, automate, and optimize workflows and business processes. We offer visual process mapping, workflow automation, digital forms, and robotic process automation software solutions for every major industry and business department.

Nintex makes it fast and easy to manage, automate, and optimize your business processes


Visually plan, map, and manage your business processes with tools process owners and participants love to use.


Identify the processes best suited for or in need of automation and get started with clicks, not code.


Optimize your business processes leveraging the data created through your automated processes

RPA - Automation Anywhere

Why leverage a Digital Workforce?

  • Optimize labor costs, increase capacity
  • Increase speed, accuracy (100%) and availability (24x365)
  • Improve compliance, controls and auditability
  • Deliver business intelligence
  • Enable digital transformation
  • Enhance employee morale